Who are the Ad Wizards who came up with that one?


My friend Kevin just forwarded an e-mail he received from the Rangers mailing list earlier today. The premise of the email was to sell packages to Spring Training, the reasoning behind going is what has me scratching my head.

“See Jones with the Rangers this Spring Training”

Is this really the best way to get people out to Spring Training? God forbid they invite us out there to see Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Michael Young or any of the exciting young prospects who have been invited by the club. No, instead they are focusing on a guy who has released by his former team for being beyond awful and now will be trying to hit his way out of a paper bag come March to prove that he still has some sort of worth to the baseball universe. I will be in Surprise, but it is for damn sure not because of Andruw Jones.

That being said I hope he makes the team and hits 100 homeruns…Go Rangers…

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I just got that email, and thought the same thing!

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